Friday, 27 May 2011

Egypt's economy - post-revolution

A really interesting short video by the Financial Times explains Egypt's economic status currently and what might happen in the future.

Click here to watch.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

World stock markets hit by eurozone debt fears

London's FTSE 100 fell sharply as concerns over eurozone debt knocked global stock markets. 

Markets have been unsettled by the result of the Spanish local elections and Greek and Italian debts. 

MP's say Kraft acted 'irresponsibly' in Cadbury takeover

The American food company Kraft Foods acted "irresponsibly and unwisely" when it pledged not to close a factory during its £11.5bn takeover of Cadbury, a Parliamentary Committee has concluded. 

The Business Select Committee said that Kraft should not have said it would keep Cadbury's Somerdale factory open – only to renege on the pledge after the bid. "A company of Kraft's size and experience ought to have acted with better judgement," the MPs said. 

Irene Rosenfeld, the Kraft chief executive, declined to appear in front of the Business, Innovation and Skills on two separate occasions.  

Sony predicts annual loss of $3.2bn!

I will chose Sony over Apple every time and so I am genuinely upset that Sony have been hit so hard due to so many factors!

Analysis by the Guardian suggests that the Japanese electronics giant Sony's fourth quarter ending in March was one of its worst sales quarters in 11 years and that it will announce a ¥73bn (£554m) operating loss for the period.

The figures emerged after the company warned that on Thursday it will announce a loss for the fiscal year of ¥260bn.
It said the loss was largely due to writing off $4.4bn related to a tax credit booked in a previous quarter.

The firm has been hit recently by March's earthquake and tsunami, and a series of computing hacking attacks.

Ryanair profits up but braced for first-ever fall in passengers

Irish budget carrier Ryanair has reported a 374m euros ($525m; £325m) annual profit, a 23% rise.

Ryanair's inexorable passenger growth will go into reverse this winter for the first since it became a low-cost carrier, the airline admitted on Monday, as high fuel costs and weak demand force the grounding of up to 80 aircraft.